There are a few things that I do pretty well in class. One of them is getting quickly and easily thrown off-track when students make me laugh. The other is review games.

Earlier this week, a teammate sent me a Jeopardy game for Equations.

So we played Jeopardy.

Students volunteered to be Alex Trebek and select the category on the projector. “Combining Like Terms for 200: Three ex plus… uh… you can just read it.”

The students caught on to Jeopardy very quickly.

Vaudrey: …and in Final Jeopardy, each player wagers part of their score on the right answer.
Student: Oh, man! I don’t know anything! Can I wager negative?
Vaudrey: Then you would lose points if you got it right.
Student: But I’d gain points when I get it wrong.

Clearly, Randy understands the unit on negative numbers from last week.

I want the whole class to get a shot, so I had to rotate them out every three questions or so.

Vaudrey: James, make room for the newcomers.
Stef: I’m a newcomer.
Daniel: I’m a cucumber.

After Jeopardy, we played a game I made up called Drag Race. Using this projection on the wall.

Each team decides on their icon and the icon advances as their team advances.

White Students: We’ll be Team Cracker!
Vaudrey: That’s an Apple Pie.
White Students: Oh… well, that’s cool, too.

And after a few minutes of play:

Daniel: Justin Bieber is beating Mexico! Aw, hell, no!