My wife asks every day how my day was, and a common response is “regular”. It’s not a dynamic way to start my response, but I’m quite thankful for my new job, and “regular” doesn’t mean what it used to. My wife probably got tired of hearing “stressful, exhausting, frustrating, and I wanna quit” when asking about my day.

Also, I love that a “regular” day still involves me laughing during every class. How many of us have jobs where you get a good laugh every couple hours?

Here are a couple all-stars from today:

Carl: I’m a vegan now.
Trey: You hate meat!
Linda: Why do you hate meat?
Julia: I thought vegans were hippies.
Mr. Vaudrey: Okay, everyone stop. Carl, explain what a vegan is.
Carl: Well, I can’t eat things with dairy in them, like bread, like pizza, like chocolate…
Ladariana: …like La-Dairy-ana.

Nathan: Aw! You gave me dumb crayons! I want the blue one, not the black one.
Jay (in his best tough-guy voice): Was’ wrong wit’ black?!

(It should be noted that Jay is about 70 pounds, has braces, glasses, a super smile, brags about his mom’s cooking, and takes Gifted classes. He’s not quite a thug.)

Sam: Mr. Vaudrey, I’m out of bathroom passes, so can I, like, stay a minute after class or something? I really gotta go.

See? Even a “regular” day is delightful.

Also, it took me about 21 seconds to submit my grades. No printing, no signing, no amendments or second-guessing. I love my new job.

In closing, here’s a photo of some actual work I did today.