I had a sub on Thursday, and the students’ assignment was a Valentine’s Card using math vocabulary (and the math terms underlined).

Here are some of the all-stars. Click on the first one to see a slideshow.

So, I stole a few lines, and here is a letter to my wife, the lovely and talented Andrea Vaudrey (with the math terms underlined):

To my Valentine:
Our love is like an irrational equation; it can’t be simplified.
You are a factor of my life.
If we distribute our love, we can be together forever. Together, we make a perfect square.
I love you like a coefficient loves its variable.
You are the square to my root, the solution to all of my equations. The slope of my love for you is ever increasing.
We fit together like coordinates on an axis.
You are the solution to my New Year’s resolution. Our love is a slope that increases with all my hope that is so dope.
I less than three you.
For my love, like pi, is neverending.

Happy Valentime’s Day.


UPDATE February 20, 2012: Thanks to Scoop.it for featuring this post, and for opening my eyes to what a fabulous online magazine you are.

UPDATE February 11, 2013: And here’s the  Math Valentines Card Guide that I used. I’d give credit… if I knew where I got it.