You know what’s a goofy number? 365.
It’s not even an accurate way to measure the movement of the Earth.

Birthdays happen ALL the time. If you’re in a room right now with more than 23 people in it, chances are better than 50% that two people have the same birthday.

If you have 40 people, the chances are 90%.

It’s not special anymore. Readers whose ages are a non-important number know this to be true. I turn 28 this year. Who cares?

10,000 however, now that’s an important number. One worth celebrating.

Thursday, March 8th, 2012 was my 10,000th day on the planet, so my wife and I had a party about it.

Also, my students had a test to take on Friday, which left me with three 90-minute periods to make posters for the party.

I’m not gonna lie, it was a lot of fun to make these.

The party was well-attended, with everyone making their own day-tags. Even the dog got a tag (207) and our pregnant friend (-113).


Credit where credit is due, it was Andy that first got me thinking about this a few years ago.

…and my family supplied the soundtrack.

Also, to calculate how many days old you are, click here.

…and I better see your number in the comment section.