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Hello, fellow teachers, administrators, and people on a Google Image search for “Barbie” (who account for about 400 hits per day).

My colleague–Gabrielle Mejia–and I are presenting at the California Mathematics Council on Student Motivation. The Mullet Ratio lesson, which feels like it happened years ago, would have been a good session as well. But since all the materials are already posted for free online, it felt like milking a gimmick.
And frankly, I hope that my class has more than one good thing happening in it.

Mullets and Apple TV and Snowboards, oh my!

I have attended CMC faithfully during my teacher career and, in addition to several pocketfuls of free pens, there are a lot of good things happening in Palm Springs.

We present on Saturday in Smoke Tree C at 3:15. Regrettably, this is the same time slot as Dan Meyer; a digital colleague of mine who puts on a great presentation every time.

UPDATE 3 November 2012:

That was easier than I thought it would be. I had presented before as part of a panel, and I was worried that I’d put my foot in my mouth in front of peers.

At some point during CMC every year, I feel like the freshman that got invited to the varsity party. Everybody is older and more established than me, and yet my session was attended by teachers many years my senior that appeared to value my input. Cool.

I would definitely do that again, though I’ll be sure to wear a mic next time.

~Mr. V