Kylia rings her bell during Review Jeopardy today. “Is this right?”

“Show the class,” I say.

“Yeah, but is it right?” Kylia still holds her whiteboard up to her shoulders, hiding it.

“I don’t know,” I say. [But I do know. I’m lying to her. Teaching by deceit.]

Next to her, Myles says, “Just show it. The class will tell you if it’s wrong.”

“Yeah!” shouts Hillary, across the room. “Take a risk!”



I teared up a little bit. I’ve worked very hard for years to create a place where incorrect answers are a welcome step in understanding.

They’re not wrong answers, they’re just not correct yet.

After hearing me say it dozens (maybe hundreds) of times, they are starting to parrot back what I taught them.

… isn’t that what modern education is all about? Regurgitating at just the right time?

Hopefully, they don’t forget about risk-taking after the state test is over.