Today, my iPad class all got trained in DropBox, the online file-sharing service.

One student got a tough lesson.

Not as tough as the time I asked Mitt if his full name was Mittens.

Embarrassing, like the time I asked Mitt if his full name was Mittens.

All students downloaded the app and signed in with the same email and password. If you’re interested, click here to see how and why.

During the installation process, I specifically said, “Click LOGIN, then wait and do nothing.”

One student clicked ALLOW AUTO UPLOAD and a few dozen of her pictures uploaded to the class folder. A nicer teacher would have quickly deleted them.

Guess who didn't?

Guess who didn’t?

The whole class could see my iPad mirrored on the screen as I scrolled through OneDirection, Justin Bieber and a few of her self-portraits with duckface.

The student was, of course, mortified as I showed how easy it is to save a picture of Bruno Mars and use it as my background.


I’m an educator. Today, I taught about online privacy.



(Credit to my brother for the Romney joke. It made the debates adorable.)