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Today, students paired up and picked a learning goal to present to the class as Teachers For A Day, as we review for the State Test, four weeks from now.

Students have all day today, tomorrow, two weeks of Spring Break, and a week’s worth of lunchtime tutoring to finish their presentations, before we begin with 2-4 student presentations per day. (I’m secretly hoping that the iPad students will create something I can use when I flip my class this year.

Today, per the advice of Airica, the rock-star RSP teacher, we walked students through lesson planning, introducing them to phrases like “Direct Instruction” and “Check for Understanding”. Tomorrow, students will fill in a lesson plan form, the same one that I used my first year teaching.

Stay tuned; student work to come in 4 weeks.

Project Handout- Teacher4aDay
Algebra Concept List – Our school double-dips during the year, so some had to be crossed off to prevent double presentations.
Project – Teacher4aDay Lesson Plan form.docx