I went big this year.

My usual “Teacher Report Card” has been put to Google for quick data analysis. 

Here’s a copy that you are free to save to your own Google Drive, if you so desire.

Stay tuned for the data analysis. I’ll be posting the spreadsheet here unedited, because too many people are thinking I’ve got my act together, and it’s time to set the record straight. Here’s a paraphrased quote1 from Dave Burgess:

Looking at my classroom, some think that creativity just comes easy to me. This isn’t easy for me. There were dozens of times I’ve brought new ideas to the class and they’ve bombed terribly. No, the reason teachers succeed is because they fail so often, and it’s usually messy.

In truth, good teaching is making lots of grand mistakes2, then fixing them. (Michael is a fine role model in this regard.)

In teaching, you rarely notice you’ve made a mistake until it’s too late.

More on mistakes with the follow-up to this post next week.

~Mr. V

Also, here is a hard copy for download, in case a digital survey isn’t plausible in your class: Teacher Report Card – Hard Copy

1. English teachers, I know those two terms are contradictory.
2. See Daniel Dennett for more on this.