Today, we had Day 2 of the Mullet Ratio. The best part of sharing digital media with other math teachers is the constant improvement of lessons. Today, I pulled in a bunch of ideas from last year’s comments, threw in some Photoshop, and had a pretty good day.

As many of you know, my fourth Period is Algebra Concepts, which means its students require more scaffolding and more explicit directions, plus usually some modeling.

And white space. Oh, man; that’s the best advice I ever got about worksheet making. Fawn Nguyen has excellent worksheets, not just because they challenge students to think conceptually, one accessible step at a time. Also, because they have a ton of white space.

Anyway, see attached.

Mullet Ratio Worksheet – Famous Mullets – updated
Mullet Ratio Worksheet – Day 2 – drawing and creating mullets
Mullet Ratio Worksheet – Famous Mullets (CONCEPTS) – scaffolded
Mullet Ratio Worksheet – Day 2 (CONCEPTS) – scaffolded

Also, here are some mullets I added this year, some of which were found by students.

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