Thanks, those of you who attended EdTech101 at CLMS or Performance Tasks Before Performance Tasks Were Cool at CMC featuring my colleague John Stevens.

…whew!.. all those links… I gotta catch my breath.


This post is actually more about Productivity, a math game that I acquired my first year teaching and still use every year.


Each pair or trio of students gets the worksheet and a deck of cards, and we walk through the first one together.

…and I stack the deck so there’s a face card in the example.

on the board, it says something like this:

It’s a fabulous activity for a sub (once they’ve done it before) and a great way to get some math done on a minimum day or the last day before a break.


  • Every n minutes, change the green numbers.
  • After a group finishes one side, they are slow to do the same thing. I tell them, “Now you can change the order of the cards before you write them down.”
  • Reds are negative numbers.
  • Double cards = double digits (for higher students)
  • And from Twitter:


Productivity Score Sheet – Copy onto front and back, then cut in half. One skinny paper is two games per student (and EVERYONE writes. None of this “one paper per team” business). That link is a Word Document, this link is a Google Spreadsheet copy.
Productivity Score Sheet Large Print
 – for low-performing, RSP, or younger classes, bigger boxes and more white space.

~Matt “No, you CAN’T play Speed or Poker” Vaudrey