Summer Update

I had a new baby.

IMG_4892 IMG_4902 IMG_4965


And still have this baby.


…so summer’s been pretty busy. I do have two things (in addition to that) to note.

1.) What a tragedy that Fawn Nguyen nearly lost hundreds of posts. If her content were lost, I imagine a herd of furious math teachers would’ve stormed the headquarters of and burned it to the ground. I’d hold a torch for that venture, too.

2.) My grandparents (who are 70+) live in Seattle and wanted to meet baby Clay. I walked Grammy through the installation of the Google Hangouts plugin and boom!

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 5.11.37 PM

Cross-country goo-goos and ga-gas.

My grandparents (who still use disposable cameras and balance checkbooks by hand) are open to new technology, and I hope that teachers in the coming year will be as receptive as they are.

~Matt “Close the window… it’s the red X” Vaudrey

P.S. If you want to follow the morning adventures of Pickle and Daddy (as Mommy and the new baby sleep in), you can follow me on Instagram.

2 thoughts on “Summer Update”

  1. Baby Clay can only be as beautiful and healthy as his sister. Congrats again, Matt. Double the fun, double the “a’vent-ers!” I love that you want to burn down a building on my behalf. That’s so sweet. And your grandparents (I was right all along, you are 15) just won Google Hangout.

    1. Keep it up with the comments, Fawn. My next birthday party is Ninja Turtles-themed, and you might not get an invitation.

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