Christmas 2015

You know what’s great?

Christmas Music

Exhibit A

It’s been a big deal in the Vaudrey house since before the Three WiseMen.

(And by that, I mean the folk trio from Bellevue, not the actual wise men.)

Since Christmas music is so important to our family, Matt curated a few playlists of Christmas music just for you to enjoy.

Fireside Christmas is full of relaxing tunes to hum by the fire.


Sweet Christmas Jams is a mix of old and new, upbeat, weird, and fun.

You wouldn’t believe how easy it was to find this picture.

Or, if you don’t use Spotify, click below for a Pandora station full of Instrumental Christmas Jazz, just like Papa Vaudrey (Scott) used to play.

He was browsing the web for images since before Google Images was a thing.

He was browsing the web for images since before Google Images was a thing.


Every year, Matt gets in touch with his math-teacher roots by presenting this to somebody. This year, you’re the lucky winner.


If that’s not quite your style, you can write a letter to Santa.


Know someone that might appreciate that? Click here to email that link to them.


If you’re an Instagram user, here are Matt and Andrea, plus hashtags for pictures of Cadence and Clay (and some strangers who also use the same hashtag).

It’s our sincerest wish that you consider the needy at home and abroad this holiday season. Below are some places we recommend.

Hope and Peace,

~Matt, Andrea, Pickle, Peanut, and Pinecone

Compassion International
World Vision
United Nations Refugee Agency
Save the Children

*We’re open to suggestions for C-letter baby names, but Cornelius has a hefty lead.