Exam Review that Doesn’t Suck


Here is the heavily annotated PowerPoint with all the slides that I used.

NOTE: Because it’s a webinar, there are 100% more bullet-points than I use in real life. Judge me not on this slideshow, and check out More Pretty, Less Boring.)

Here’s a sample Boo-Yah! (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II CST Review)

Here’s a sample Nab ’em. (Trig Ratios)

Here’s a Fancy Jeopardy and a Simple Jeopardy for PowerPoint. (Neither of which, I made.)

Here’s a link to the Square Root Showdown when I did it, when Julie did it, and when Sarah did it.

Here’s a link to my Teacher4aDay project, all the attachments are there.


UPDATE 13 FEBRUARY 2015: Since presenting at Global Math Department a few years ago, I’ve shifted from a “first one with the right answer” focus to a “when the song is over, show your group’s answer, then explain” focus.

The pace of the day is much more relaxed and it doesn’t value the quick-thinkers over the other students.  Math experts agree that timed math mastery serves to increase anxiety, so I stopped doing it in my classroom.